Why You Should Buy The SpaceSaver Clothesline

There are many products on the market that are supposed to help you save space. The sad thing is that many of them do not actually offer all of the benefits they claim to. If you are considering buying a SpaceSaver clothesline and you want to know if this is actually a good buy, it would be a good idea to continue reading.

Buying a product you are not very familiar with is difficult, especially if you are not equipped with an endless money supply. There is nothing worse than spending money on an item and it does not work the way you had hoped for. One great thing about the SpaceSaver Clothesline is the fact that there is a guarantee. This means that you will not be stuck paying for something that does not work.

Everyone out there who needs this product is not working with the same amount of space. While you may have more than enough space to put these without being adjusted, there are some people that may not be able to do the same. The great thing is that these clotheslines are adjustable. All you have to do is let someone know the length you need and they will be able to customize them for you.

If you are anything like many other people in Australia, you have probably purchased items that need to be assembled, yet you probably got lost when it came to reading the directions. SpaceSaver Clothesline is a good buy simply because it is easy for anyone to put together. The included instructions are so simple that anyone can use them to assemble things with ease.

These clotheslines can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. It is great that you are not limited when it comes to using it. If you are in a home that has a slanted roof, trying to place it on the ceiling would be complicated if not impossible. Having the ability to place it on the wall means that you will not have to find some other solution for your clothesline problems.

Have you ever ordered anything online and you were told that delivery was not available in your area or you would have to wait a ridiculous amount of time to receive your items. This is not the case here at all. In fact, everyone in Australia can order a clothesline and have it at their door in no more than seven working days. As soon as you remit payment, your order will be processed and on its way.

The only downside to this site is that you are not able to get these items if you live in an international location. While there is no guarantee that this will not change in the future, this is how the rules are at this point. If you are in another country and you would like to buy something like this, you will have to look for a comparable product that is sold by another company.

In the event that you receive your items and you are not happy with them, you can return them for a refund within two weeks of receipt. The company understands that people sometimes have a change of heart, and they are more than willing to accommodate that.

Now that you know more about this product and what it has to offer, it is time for you to take a look around spacesaverclothesline.com.au. You will see that this product is just as good as you had imagined after reading about all of the benefits that were mentioned here.

The Benefits Of An Indoor Clothesline

ClotheslineFor many decades, if not centuries, the only way that people were able to dry their clothes was by hanging them on a clothesline. This could have been a string or rope that was tied from one tree to another, or from posts that were on the exterior of their home, allowing them to hang all of the clothing so it could be dried. Modern advancements in technology allowed people to have dryers which could be installed, allowing everyone to dry everything inside of their home using these electronic devices. The more modern that they have become, the easier it is for people to simply toss their clothes in, choose the proper setting, and look forward to having dry clothing ready to hang up. But what if you could do something that is a combination of the two. What if you could hang your clothes inside of your home and dried them from a clothesline? Here are some of the benefits that are attributed to having an indoor clothesline which might motivate you to switch over to this method instead.

Saving Money On Your Electric Bill

If you have a large family, one with quite a few small children, you are likely doing 10 or more loads of clothing every single week. The amount of time that it takes to dry the clothing can take several hours, during which time it will cost you a significant amount of money on your electricity bill. Instead, you might want to consider using an indoor clothesline that will allow the natural heat inside of your home to dry the clothing for you. You may have to designate a certain area of the house so that this can be done efficiently, without making your home look like hillbillies that there, saving you at least $100 a month.

Avoiding Stiff Clothing

One tip that should be provided for those that do this regularly is you should add at least one half of a cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle for each load that you do. The other alternative is using fabric softener that you can purchase at the store, both of which will prevent your close from becoming extremely stiff when hanging them on a line. Many people believe that this is only true for clotheslines that are outside, but it is true for those that are inside too. This is just a simple tip that you need to keep in mind if you decide to go this route for drying your clothes which can save you money when doing it on an indoor line.

Saving The Environment

One final thing to consider is if you are going green with everything that you are doing lately, putting an indoor clothesline might be exactly what you need to do. Not only will you save money, but the emissions that can come from the dryers, especially those that are powered by gas, you can spare the environment what will amount to pollution in the air, and also contributing to global warming, something that has been proven to be caused by the presence of mankind.

These are just a few reasons and tips associated with putting an indoor clothesline into your home so that you can begin to dry your clothing in a much more natural way. All of us heat our homes, and higher temperatures will gradually allow them to dry, helping you save money each and every month. Additionally, you will be doing the environment a favor by drying your clothing in this way area by using vinegar instead of chemically created fabric softener, this will also contribute to going green, allowing you to do your part for the environment.

Simple Ways To Save Space In An Apartment

One thing that makes it hard to live in an apartment is the fact that sometimes there is a serious lack of space. While upgrading to a larger unit would probably be the ideal way to solve the problem, this is not always a possibility. If you are looking for ways to save space in your current place, you should continue reading.

Buy Smaller Furnishings

This may seem like a given, but surprisingly many people try their best to fit large, bulky furniture in an apartment that has limited space. When you are shopping, you should definitely consider the area you have to work with before you start thinking of things like style and color. Basically, stop looking for everything you want when it means you will limit your space even more.

Make Use Of The Space Under The Bed

While some people think of this as the perfect home for lint, you should definitely use it for storage. Since nothing is probably underneath, you will have plenty of space to store things away that have been cluttering up your apartment. Go and buy storage boxes that can fit in that space easily since this will keep things in order and help you avoid messiness, which only makes a small place seem more crowded.

Use Items For More Than One Purpose

Going out and getting a new item for everything you need is not really practical when you are living in an apartment. It is a good idea to buy items that have more than one use. For example, if you are looking for a great place to store clothes, buying a storage chest would be a great idea. Covering the same chest with contact paper or some type of fabric will give it a new look and it can double as a coffee table.

You should also buy items that were made for combination purposes. One example of this is beds that have drawers underneath. If you buy one of these, you will not have to buy a separate item to store all of your clothes, which means you will have much more available space.

Apartment living does not always have to consist of a million things crammed into a tiny space. Use all of the things you have learned here to eliminate the clutter and make the space much more comfortable to live in.

The Advantages Of A Retractable Clothesline

For some forward-thinking futurists, the clothesline is a excellent example of an obsolete technology. There are plenty of people who haven’t given up on them, though! Many families continue to air-dry their clothes to this day, and they often make use of a retractable clothesline to save space. Here are some other advantages to consider.

Retractable ClotheslineThe Day Of The Clothesline Isn’t Over

At first glance, you might think that using a clothesline is purely a matter of personal choice or eccentricity. It’s true that many people use clotheslines for sentimental or traditional reasons; people who grew up with the smell and feel of air-dried clothes might consider them more appealing than clothes that have gone through a dryer.

There are practical reasons to use clotheslines, too. Some delicate fabrics react poorly to dryers, and their makers even suggest air drying in their care instructions. Then there’s the inescapable fact that using a clothesline is cheaper than running a dryer. On a load-by-load basis, air drying can save up to a dollar. There’s also the minimal upfront investment — a clothesline costs a tiny fraction of what a dryer does.

Outdoor Retractable Clotheslines

For people who have the outdoor space and intend to dry all of their clothes in the open air, outdoor retractable clotheslines are ideal. These units make the best possible use of space by staying out of sight until they’re needed. When the owner has clothes to dry, he or she simply reels out the line and attaches it firmly to an anchor. This compact form factor makes retractable clotheslines perfect for use in limited spaces, such as apartment balconies. The line itself in these models is typically made of heavy-duty vinyl for maximum durability.

Indoor Clotheslines

Other retractable clotheslines are designed specifically for use indoors. This is often the best way to handle a handful of delicate garments that need to air-dry. Some indoor clotheslines are intended for robust use and need to be permanently installed, but the very lightest retractable clotheslines can be set up in the cramped confines of a bathroom. These models are intended to dry a single set of clothes.


Outdoor retractable clotheslines and the more heavy-duty indoor models will typically require a little bit of care during the installation process. They’re designed to be mounted permanently to a wall. Inside the home this is a simple matter of using a few drywall screws to mount the clothesline securely, but outdoor models may need to be secured to a masonry wall. The lightest clotheslines intended for temporary use can often be attached to a tile wall with a suction cup.

There are still plenty of people out there who consider air drying to be the best way to dry some or all of their clothes. When they want to have a convenient clothesline at their disposal without cluttering their space with a clothesline tree or a permanent line, retractable models make great space-saving tools. Considering their affordability, it’s surprising that retractable clotheslines aren’t more common.