The Advantages Of A Retractable Clothesline

For some forward-thinking futurists, the clothesline is a excellent example of an obsolete technology. There are plenty of people who haven’t given up on them, though! Many families continue to air-dry their clothes to this day, and they often make use of a retractable clothesline to save space. Here are some other advantages to consider.

Retractable ClotheslineThe Day Of The Clothesline Isn’t Over

At first glance, you might think that using a clothesline is purely a matter of personal choice or eccentricity. It’s true that many people use clotheslines for sentimental or traditional reasons; people who grew up with the smell and feel of air-dried clothes might consider them more appealing than clothes that have gone through a dryer.

There are practical reasons to use clotheslines, too. Some delicate fabrics react poorly to dryers, and their makers even suggest air drying in their care instructions. Then there’s the inescapable fact that using a clothesline is cheaper than running a dryer. On a load-by-load basis, air drying can save up to a dollar. There’s also the minimal upfront investment — a clothesline costs a tiny fraction of what a dryer does.

Outdoor Retractable Clotheslines

For people who have the outdoor space and intend to dry all of their clothes in the open air, outdoor retractable clotheslines are ideal. These units make the best possible use of space by staying out of sight until they’re needed. When the owner has clothes to dry, he or she simply reels out the line and attaches it firmly to an anchor. This compact form factor makes retractable clotheslines perfect for use in limited spaces, such as apartment balconies. The line itself in these models is typically made of heavy-duty vinyl for maximum durability.

Indoor Clotheslines

Other retractable clotheslines are designed specifically for use indoors. This is often the best way to handle a handful of delicate garments that need to air-dry. Some indoor clotheslines are intended for robust use and need to be permanently installed, but the very lightest retractable clotheslines can be set up in the cramped confines of a bathroom. These models are intended to dry a single set of clothes.


Outdoor retractable clotheslines and the more heavy-duty indoor models will typically require a little bit of care during the installation process. They’re designed to be mounted permanently to a wall. Inside the home this is a simple matter of using a few drywall screws to mount the clothesline securely, but outdoor models may need to be secured to a masonry wall. The lightest clotheslines intended for temporary use can often be attached to a tile wall with a suction cup.

There are still plenty of people out there who consider air drying to be the best way to dry some or all of their clothes. When they want to have a convenient clothesline at their disposal without cluttering their space with a clothesline tree or a permanent line, retractable models make great space-saving tools. Considering their affordability, it’s surprising that retractable clotheslines aren’t more common.