The Benefits Of An Indoor Clothesline

ClotheslineFor many decades, if not centuries, the only way that people were able to dry their clothes was by hanging them on a clothesline. This could have been a string or rope that was tied from one tree to another, or from posts that were on the exterior of their home, allowing them to hang all of the clothing so it could be dried. Modern advancements in technology allowed people to have dryers which could be installed, allowing everyone to dry everything inside of their home using these electronic devices. The more modern that they have become, the easier it is for people to simply toss their clothes in, choose the proper setting, and look forward to having dry clothing ready to hang up. But what if you could do something that is a combination of the two. What if you could hang your clothes inside of your home and dried them from a clothesline? Here are some of the benefits that are attributed to having an indoor clothesline which might motivate you to switch over to this method instead.

Saving Money On Your Electric Bill

If you have a large family, one with quite a few small children, you are likely doing 10 or more loads of clothing every single week. The amount of time that it takes to dry the clothing can take several hours, during which time it will cost you a significant amount of money on your electricity bill. Instead, you might want to consider using an indoor clothesline that will allow the natural heat inside of your home to dry the clothing for you. You may have to designate a certain area of the house so that this can be done efficiently, without making your home look like hillbillies that there, saving you at least $100 a month.

Avoiding Stiff Clothing

One tip that should be provided for those that do this regularly is you should add at least one half of a cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle for each load that you do. The other alternative is using fabric softener that you can purchase at the store, both of which will prevent your close from becoming extremely stiff when hanging them on a line. Many people believe that this is only true for clotheslines that are outside, but it is true for those that are inside too. This is just a simple tip that you need to keep in mind if you decide to go this route for drying your clothes which can save you money when doing it on an indoor line.

Saving The Environment

One final thing to consider is if you are going green with everything that you are doing lately, putting an indoor clothesline might be exactly what you need to do. Not only will you save money, but the emissions that can come from the dryers, especially those that are powered by gas, you can spare the environment what will amount to pollution in the air, and also contributing to global warming, something that has been proven to be caused by the presence of mankind.

These are just a few reasons and tips associated with putting an indoor clothesline into your home so that you can begin to dry your clothing in a much more natural way. All of us heat our homes, and higher temperatures will gradually allow them to dry, helping you save money each and every month. Additionally, you will be doing the environment a favor by drying your clothing in this way area by using vinegar instead of chemically created fabric softener, this will also contribute to going green, allowing you to do your part for the environment.